Real Grade RX-78-2 Part 1

As Ngee Khiong got his Real Grade RX-78-2, I was excited to finally get my hands on mine too after reading so much good review about it over the net and saw it myself during the Mascot Parade sometime back.

RX-78-2 was the first of it's kind in Bandai Model kit history with lots of details and articulation for it size. A "MUST HAVE" for Gundam and Gunpla fans. My purchase comes with a Club GUNPLA coupon that allow me to redeem original products.

Open up the box and all the runners, decals, Manual and Club Gunpla coupon were display neat and nicely.

This is the Club Gunpla coupon card with a Serial No for registration at the bottom of the card as a prove of purchasing the original product. Once you have collected enough Club Gunpla points, you can redeem original products. Sound good!

It is the first time I remember the lower box are black laminated. Normally are plain card board.

I guess the first step to do this up is doing the body frame. Look quite alright to me.

Tools for Real Grades are important as the parts are small and need precision cutting.

One of the challenges is that decal as they are tiny! Look at the size of my thumb as a reference.

You would need a pincer to assist in applying the decal.

One more thing! If you are getting this Real Grade, you may want to look out for the free gimmick from the Sept issue of Deneki Hobby Magazine.

I will try to get one copy of that. Now I need to find time to piece this Real Grade carefully.



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