Playmate Michael Jackson in Fall 2010

Sometime ago Playmate obtain the rights to product Michael Jackson toy figure. I was pretty excited and at the same time afraid that they couldn't met my expectation. After I saw the preview of the toys, I was relief that it was not that bad as I thought.

Michael Jackson in one of his greatest Hits Billie Jeans

From the photo, it capture the good likeness of MJ. The suit and shoes were just like in the music video. For the benefits of those who need to verify, here's the Billy jeans MV.

The other figure would be the famous Thriller.

Compare to Hottoys version, this MJ look much younger and in some angle the likeness maybe a bit off. For playmate standard, it is already a great improvement!

I doubt much will forget how the likeness and costume of MJ in Thriller but still since I can find the music video, why not share it here too.

Both of these toys are 10 inches in height and will be selling at USD $39.90 during Fall 2010. If anyone is attending San Diego Comic Con 2010, you will have the privilege to see the toys as a preview at Diamond Comics Booth #2401.

As for me, I am waiting for it to hit Singapore to see for myself before I go ahead and buy it. I would expect to see others Michael Jackson in time to come. Who knows I may collect them all! LOL


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