MONOPOLY Money make it Real

Remember the first time you played MONOPOLY? Well I do. MONOPOLY fascinated me as the only board game that comes with their own money. Whenever I looked at the MONOPOLY money, I wished that money can transformed to real currency. imagine what I can do with that money. How good will it be if MONOPOLY money can turn into the real ones.

Well now THAT can happen!

To celebrate the 75th Anniversary of MONOPOLY, the official website is giving us (the fans a chance to win big money as a celebration!

Currently the game is open to 10 lucky countries. If you are in one of the countries, you stand a chance to win!

You can submit one story with 75 words or less per day what you would do if you won all the money in the MONOPOLY bank!

From now until September 3, 2010 at 7:59 am SST: Submit your stories and comment on stories

3 September to 28 September 2010, gather your fans to vote for your story.

In the early October, the Top 75 finalists will be out for voting the second round.

The winner will be announced in mid October 2010.

Every country have one winner and as long your dreams is creative and get the most votes from your fans, that could be you!

Click here to enter MONOPOLY Money make it Real Contest!

Good luck! I'm joining too! :P


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