Digital Grade Gundam Unicorn

Bandai recently gone to Digital Grade for their Gashapon series. I managed to give a try on the DG Gundam Unicorn and here's my review on it.

I was lucky to get what I wanted. A Gundam Unicorn!

In this DG series, the Gundam Unicorn coloring gave a pearly and a bit reflective coloring. The plastic was pretty soft which explain the bending of the horn of the Unicorn.

The beam sword are placed on the back of his jet pack.

The detail of this gashapon was good. Even the emblem of the shield was there.

His only weapon with him, a giant beam canon hyper bazooka.

Personally I find this mode of Gundam Unicorn unique and good looking. However not many I know love this mode. Do you prefer this Gundam Unicorn better than the Kai mode?


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