Kamen Rider W in 3D!

 During the Tokyo Toy Show 2010, Kamen Rider show case many cool Kamen Rider stuff

One of the interesting part was their latest Henshin kits from Double!

Closer look on the selection for a mix and match. You have to at least know which is which first. 

The belt of Double which is vital for the Henshin transformation.

The former were not forgotten too.

One thing that strike me was there were Kamen Rider W in 3D. Kamen Rider W Forever: A to Z Gaia Memories of Fate will be showing on 7 August 2010.

You will have to put on the 3D glasses of course to see the effect. From the looks of the viewer, it must be really exciting.

Seems like everything is going to 3D. Seems like a good and next safe way to go 3D...or is it really?


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