Gundam Cafe's Coasters

My friend Zaku999 went to Japan Gundam Cafe and he bought some gift for me and Ngee Khiong since he was in town.

Each packet consist of 6 random coaster.

The mark of originality.

Other information can be found at the back of the packet.

So which random 6 do I have? Let's count down! First off RX-78!

MS-07B Gouf

Haro in the UC era! Cute!



and lastly, Guncannon  RX-77

And that's all six coasters I got. My sincere thanks to zaku999 for getting these gift to us. :)

Which one you think I should use it first? :P

By the way, here are some photos zaku999 took at the Gundam cafe on his last visit.


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