Our Own Mascot Parade

After the Mascot Parade was on that Saturday, Dennis, Zh3us, Chubbybots, Bmecha, Heathorn and I decided to have some fast food. While we were eating, we brought out our toys. It was a impromptu thingy.

Bmecha first brought out his Tachikoma toy while I was busying eating my Big mac. I wouldn't want to dirty my toys while my hands and mouth were filled with food.

Chubbybots follows by taking out his Robot Damashi Bonta Kun and Nendoroid Eins.

Then Heathorn too! I was told there were mascot of bacteria from Moyashimon (Tales of Agriculture) but they look so cute!

There were many and I think they are the good Bacteria.

Soon OTTi made his appearance! But Bonta Kun class him as a dangerous character...OTTi get that quite a lot because of his angry eyes.

However Tachikoma was kind to give him a massage. OTTi enjoyed that really much!

But Bonta Kun couldn't understand why...

Ein on the other hands was having a good time with the Bacterias

OTTi joined in and the bacterias were glad to have a new friends.

Again Bonta Kun couldn't understand why so many accepted OTTi and out of frustration, wanted to shoot himself.

No need to be so serious Bonta Kun! We can always be friend although we are different. Come on let's take a group photo for our own Mascot Parade!

In short, our Toys Mascot Parade Rocks!

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