Enterbay 6.5" Storm Riders 风云 Action Figure

Storm Riders was one of the HongKong Comic which I was following in the early 1990s. Having now 2 Live actions movie and 1 Anime, these comic characters is going to have it's own 6.5" articulated Action Figure with Accessories!

I have to say they are finally heading the right direction! Although Enterbay did the movie figure sometime ago the weapons, now this is the comic form!

These set of figure will be available in 5 August 2010. More of this can be found on Enterbay

There will be another set of these two character in the more earlier of the stories. 决战天下版.

I like the colors but Wind (聶風) hair look good as statue but not as a action figure in my opinion. More of this can be found on Enterbay


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