30 June 2011

Berserk Nobel Gundam Coming

There's a saying, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" especially when they went Berserk.

Nobel as lovely as she can be, lies a great potential in Berserker mode which increase 120% of Allenby's latent fighting ability.

This model kit not only have a twist in color theme but the hair of Nobel is completely different. In Berserker mode instead of holding whip, she hold saber.

HGFC 1/144 GF13-050NSW Nobel Gundam Berserker Mode ノーベルガンダム バーサーカーモー will be releasing in September 2011 at the price point of 1,575 Yen

If you have a Nobel Gundam, then you may want to have this version to complete the collection. But be careful as she is dangerous. :PThere's a saying, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" especially when they went Berserk.

Nobel as lovely as she can be, lies a great potential in Berserker mode which increase 120% of Allenby's latent fighting ability.

This model kit not only have a twist in color theme but the hair of Nobel is completely different. In Berserker mode instead of holding whip, she hold saber.

HGFC 1/144 GF13-050NSW Nobel Gundam Berserker Mode ノーベルガンダム バーサーカーモー will be releasing in September 2011 at the price point of 1,575 Yen

If you have a Nobel Gundam, then you may want to have this version to complete the collection. But be careful as she is dangerous. :P

29 June 2011

Coming Revoltech Movie Optimus Prime

Revoltech is releasing the movie version of Optimus Prime in September 2011. Optimus Prime will be towering at 140mm in height.

Revoltech has promise that this Optimus Prime can do much action pose such as Kicking and punching.

From the look of this Optimus Prime, this is from the movie 3 Dark of the Moon. The color is fantastic!

The accessories includes 5 x Machine Guns, 1 x Blade, 4x Option Hand and 1 Name Plate.

Price at 3,800 Yen. Will you be getting it?

28 June 2011

Toys that never came and money never refunded

Recently I went through something upsetting. Since this is a Toy blog and it is related to my toys collecting, I will share it here to let this out of my chest.

The story begin almost 8 years ago when my toy collecting passion was rekindled and I was collecting gashapon (capsule toys) and some Japanese toys. I knew a young couple who were selling toys at a fleamarket and their services was sincere. Whenever I visited their booth, we would talk for an hour about Toys. I soon learned that they have a toy shop at Chinatown and since then, I order my toys with them.

We had meals together in a few occasion and our relationship was more to a friendship than a customer and shop owner. He kept his word on the pricing and I kept my word for honoring my pre-order. Although my order came late at times, I was always willing to wait as the pricing was good.

As the years goes by, he shared with me more about his toy business and wanted to move his pre-order model by "top-up" system and since I knew him for a long time, I entrusted and supported him by having some of my money credited to his account for my pre-order. I understand being a shop owner, you need to secure the order for stock with some money. The dealing was trust and honor.

Toward the end of last year, my order came later and later. It came a day I called him up regarding my order and I learned he was hospitalized. I have given my understanding and hope he will recover and maybe sort my orders out as soon as he can.

After another two months, I contacted him regarding my order. This time his reply came even later. He return my call stating that he was trying to secure my order which by that time the toys (Transformers Universe from TakaraTomy) were out in the market for more than one month. He said if he could not get it, he will refund my money to me. If it is other toy seller, I would have demand for the payment but as he is a friend to me, I gave him some patient and understanding since he asked for it. 

Another month had past and this time he sent an official email that he will refund our money but he need a month to clear the account and contact us. Closed to one month later, he sent an email stating he is filing for bankruptcy and told us to go through legal way to get our money back. I was left hanging. Some of his customer went down to his shop and discover most his shelves was emptied.

I felt cheated and betrayed. If he had indeed consider me as a friend, he would have told me straight and be honest if he is having financial problem. Even at the point that he could not secure my order, he should have informed me. Since he called for the pact of friendship and I know him for such a long time, I had given him a benefit of doubt but in the end I lost my toys, deposit money and my sincere trust.

Although my amount was not much compare to others whom I heard there are cases which were over two thousands dollars in deposit, I still sympathize some of them especially some of them who are students and had their money stuck which were their saving for orders their pre-order. At the time the seller couldn't secure the order, he still continue to send out email to his customers for future pre-order...

I can missed out toys for my collection, My money? maybe. But my trust as a friend whom we knew for closed to 8 years? *ANGRY!

Now no matter what he will say or do, this cannot erase the fact he had let his customers and his friends down. The only thing that we want now is not justice but have our money back which is the only tangible thing. From here on, nothing else matter.

On the other end, they are others in the toy community laughing at those who have been affected and even in forum giving their insensitive comments which is like scattering salts on victim's wounds. That say something about that local toy community.  

PS: As my stand on friendship, I had not name the person or the shop name but I just have to let him know how I felt. The only consolation he can do is to do the right thing to repay us the money.

27 June 2011

Back to the Future 1 Hotwheels

I love Back to the Future and when I heard the news of Hotwheels releasing the Back to the Future 1 cars last year, I told myself this is a must get. I was lucky to get hold of it.

To date, I have 3 Delorean of hotwheels include this. All because of Back to the Future.

if you're going to build a time machine, why not do it with some style?

This is the original part 1 Delorean. The one that bought Marty to the 1955. No Mr. Fusion and no antenna or lightning rob attached.

The interior had the time circuit but no sight of flux capacitor in this toy.

As a Delorean's door has wing door opening, the window has been design with just a small opening.

Just like in the movie, the license plate is "OUTATIME"

Here's the top view of the Delorean, which you can see the Radiator unit.

Compare with a regular Delorean, the front seems to be different.

The back of the vehicle is more obvious.

You can see the amount of customisation parts to build a time machine Delorean.

The only missing feature is the opening of door which will make this toy perfect but what do you expect with the pricing on this toy? I am glad nonetheless.

Anyway I had just completed the Back to the Future game from Telltale.

The story is quite good but it could be better. I love the voice as most are the original actors in the series. They even use the original soundtrack! Gonna get back in Time. :P

26 June 2011

Uniqlo Gundam Monoeye T-shirts

Read from Dennis blog about uniqlo has launched Gundam T-shirt. I was so excited that I went on that day to take a look for myself. True enough, there were various design but I was drawn to Zeon design more.

I left the shop with two of my choices.

First I got without hesitation was the olive green monoeye design

At the back of the label listed the official rights of Bandai and the artists.

Commander Zaku's mono eye in a Shirt design.

This is one military looking shirt for all Zeon fans.

Cute Suisei Hiyoko printed on the back.

The second piece I got is in black.

The shirt imprinted with neon outline of some of the Monoeye mechas.

I didn't get any Gundam design T-shirt as I felt the design of the Monoeye design are better.

More of Gundam T-shirt can be found at Uniqlo Singapore Official website

25 June 2011

CItyHunter Hottoys Preview

One of the remarkable Manga in the late 1980s is none other than CityHunter.

When I read news of Hottoys is coming out the figure, I do not have much faith if they can do comic characters. I have to say I am impress that they did a good job especially to keep the look of Ryo Saeba in the 1980s look.

Ryo is suppose to be like James bond who work as a pirvate eye or a body guard. Ryo often show perversion to woman but deep down inside, he is a faithful guy. That was one factor that make reading the comic fun.

I was glad that they made who is Saeko Nogami, one of my favorite female I like in the manga.

Saeko Nogami is a police detective. As sexy as she is, she had never fallen for Ryo but she remain faithful to the ex-partner of Ryo who was killed in an assignment. Ryo regert not being able to save that partner of his. Although now and then Ryo will tease Saeko and Saeko will give him the hammer.

Both of the facial look fantastic as close to the original look especially Ryo.

The accessories of Ryo stay close to the Manga..

Especially this perverted look and a bra. However Hot toys didn't do the part of the third leg like in the Manga on the figure... Well it's not that presentable anyway. LOL

These two figures will be releasing on the 4th quarter of 2011. The flying crow not included. :P

24 June 2011

Miku Hatsune coming to LIFE

Since the birth of Miku Hatsune as vocaloid, many of visual and audio limited has changed. From the vocaloid software where you no longer need a singer, to LIVE concert with simulated 3D screens, to race cars and now the real 3D hologram of Miku Hatsune.

See the video of how it is being done!

With this Hologram technology, We can expect to see more Miku Hatsune concert LIVE in 3D or seeing LIVE Order 66 from the evil Empire. :P

In the other news, there will be a new Figma for Miku as Good smile racing won 1st in a GT300 race in Malaysia.

The new Miku Figma will be out in December this year.

22 June 2011

Fomula Racing Track

When I was child, I always wanted to play my toy car in a big, realistic racing track. I am sure I am not the only one to have that dream. Well that dream came true when I saw one large remote racing scale (indoor) over at level 4 of *SCAPE No limit Lab.

The racing track is huge and can accommodate a couple of 1/32 scale cars which comes in all shapes and models. The cars however had special mechanism for the racing track. Around the racing tracks are scaled models such as a control tower. Just look at the details.

All around the tracks were the advertisement of companies banners and some miniature trees. The racing cars are controlled by the moving belt under the tracks.

Like all racing, it is all about skillful control and not speed alone. At the bend if you do not slow down, your race car may flew out of track mechanism.

When that happened, it can be quite frustrating to place the car on track mechanism and continue the race.

Like real racing, there are finishing line or pit stop.

I was very impressed in the scale and the detail of this racing track. Although I didn't get to play it, watching the race already put a big smile on my face. This is what I will call, Good smile racing.

Sorry guys, there was no race queens. :)

20 June 2011

Lego Pirates of Caribbean, The Captain's Cabin

It had been sometime I set my eyes on getting a Jack Sparrow Lego figure and the cheapest way to get one is to get the Lego 4191, Pirates of Caribbean, The Captain's Cabin.

This is what I actually go for.

The box of toy comes with a card and a poster

Jack Sparrow comes with two expressions on the front and back of the head.

With the hair, Jack Sparrow is complete! Well this doesn't come with the hat...

The other two zombies looking bad guys, one had two sided expression and another one had only one.

One of the Villain comes with a sling to hold the sword. I can use this on Captain Jack Sparrow if I want to. :P

The playset has 3 parts of accessories. The first will be the Globe and you can use the compass on Captain Jack sparrow to play along.

Second would be the shelving of Captain cabin... way too tall if you asked me.

Lastly, the table which is also too high for the figures.

The table is used for table fight rather than having meal. LOL

In total, all these 3 playsets are pretty neat!

Another neat pieces would be the glass bottles. Captain Jack Sparrow always need Rum but this bottle has a ship in it and it's his Black pearl! Monkey not included in the bottle. :P

There are also an extra sword in the package so Jack Sparrow can wield two swords.

In short, this playset is pretty fun and worth the money if you are just getting Jack sparrow.

Now I am waiting to get my hands on the Lego Pirates of the Caribbean game. :)

Just waiting. :)
LEGO The Cannibal Escape 4182LEGO Pirates of The Caribbean mini-figurineLEGO The Captain's Cabin 4191LEGO Whitecap Bay 4194LEGO The London Escape 4193

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