Lego Pirates of Caribbean, The Captain's Cabin

It had been sometime I set my eyes on getting a Jack Sparrow Lego figure and the cheapest way to get one is to get the Lego 4191, Pirates of Caribbean, The Captain's Cabin.

This is what I actually go for.

The box of toy comes with a card and a poster

Jack Sparrow comes with two expressions on the front and back of the head.

With the hair, Jack Sparrow is complete! Well this doesn't come with the hat...

The other two zombies looking bad guys, one had two sided expression and another one had only one.

One of the Villain comes with a sling to hold the sword. I can use this on Captain Jack Sparrow if I want to. :P

The playset has 3 parts of accessories. The first will be the Globe and you can use the compass on Captain Jack sparrow to play along.

Second would be the shelving of Captain cabin... way too tall if you asked me.

Lastly, the table which is also too high for the figures.

The table is used for table fight rather than having meal. LOL

In total, all these 3 playsets are pretty neat!

Another neat pieces would be the glass bottles. Captain Jack Sparrow always need Rum but this bottle has a ship in it and it's his Black pearl! Monkey not included in the bottle. :P

There are also an extra sword in the package so Jack Sparrow can wield two swords.

In short, this playset is pretty fun and worth the money if you are just getting Jack sparrow.

Now I am waiting to get my hands on the Lego Pirates of the Caribbean game. :)

Just waiting. :)


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