KFC Ironhide Transformers Dark of the Moon

Today I am to review Ironhide, a toy that come with the meal of KFC.

This Ironhide is a merchandise of the coming Transformers movie, Dark of the Moon. Now toys aside, I do have something to say against the title of the movie. What do they mean by Dark of the Moon? Wouldn't it make better sense if it is called Darkness of the Moon?

Anyway the toy comes with a clear plastic packet with the feature of the toy printed on the front.

This toy is recommended for children 3 years old or older. Being a Transformers, this toy cannot transform to vehicle mode. This simple toy has 5 points of articulations. You can't expect much for toy of such pricing.

The detail on this toy are good. You can see the wheels on his leg. However the wheels are not rotationable.

Beside the arms and legs articulation, the extra articulation remains on his Canon which you can twist it 360 degrees.

With the basic articulation, you can do some simple pose of Ironhide in action.

Comparing this KFC Ironhide toy to the Voyager Class of Ironhide, you can see the size different.

On his side is a button that when pressed, the canon will rotate.

By now the red spinner design on the canon would have catch your attention. Have you ever wander why they put the circular pattern at the tip of the cannon of Ironhide?

My guess it has to do with some Hypnotize effect. That could be an offensive weapon to control the enemies mind or something more ....

Does he hypnotize you to buy a KFC meal to buy him? LOL


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