Snap shots of Takashimaya Toy universe 2011

Takashimaya Singapore is currently having a Toys Universe sales at the B2 from now till 26th of June. Here are some highlights as I only had the time to do some snap shot on that day.

First off, the Gundam at the event. There are a couple of preview kits in HG scales

and also the RG scale. Zaku II

There are many exclusives on sale.

Most of them were former exclusive from other events.

There are entries of the Junior category gunpla model kit challenge

During the sales, there will be prizes for the lucky draw such as this chrome Ryubi!

Hasbro's Nerf had a section for the aim and shoot. By the way, the WHITEOUT version has roll out.

How can we forget about Transformers? As the movie is releasing around the corner, the toys are already on sales. You won't miss that section as they had a human size Optimus Prime on display.

There was a fun activities on Transformers end which is to beat timing on transforming Deluxe class Bumblebee from the dark of the moon version. I didn't try as I have never transformed that version yet.

If you are asking about great discount, then my vote will be the Playmobil

Close to 50% discount? Is it worth it? There are plenty more items on sales. You have to visit it to see what you want to get. Hurry, before 26th of June 2011.


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