Fomula Racing Track

When I was child, I always wanted to play my toy car in a big, realistic racing track. I am sure I am not the only one to have that dream. Well that dream came true when I saw one large remote racing scale (indoor) over at level 4 of *SCAPE No limit Lab.

The racing track is huge and can accommodate a couple of 1/32 scale cars which comes in all shapes and models. The cars however had special mechanism for the racing track. Around the racing tracks are scaled models such as a control tower. Just look at the details.

All around the tracks were the advertisement of companies banners and some miniature trees. The racing cars are controlled by the moving belt under the tracks.

Like all racing, it is all about skillful control and not speed alone. At the bend if you do not slow down, your race car may flew out of track mechanism.

When that happened, it can be quite frustrating to place the car on track mechanism and continue the race.

Like real racing, there are finishing line or pit stop.

I was very impressed in the scale and the detail of this racing track. Although I didn't get to play it, watching the race already put a big smile on my face. This is what I will call, Good smile racing.

Sorry guys, there was no race queens. :)


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