Batteries Not Included

Batteries had power most of our daily lifestyle devices and it's sad to know that in some way due to such action, we are guilty to be a part in harming the planet earth and not by recycling. A good way to control are to use rechargeable batteries.

Talking about rechargeable batteries, you won't believe how colorful they can get now. Meet eneloop rechargeable batteries limited edition.

These colorful and glittering batteries are a limited edition in view of the 5th anniversary. Each of these batteries are capable to have at least 1500 times of recharging. The eneloop rechargeable batteries comes  pre-charged in the Japan by solar energy!

This set is so colorful that my OTTi mistaken them as candies. LOL

I do use quite a substantial of batteries in my daily life and these eneloop rechargeable batteries comes in handy.

My family played with Nintendo Wii as entertainment and because of that, my Wii controllers are the first among the list I deployed the eneloop rechargeable batteries. 

Second in my list would be the toys that require batteries which most of them are from the Transformers toy lines such as the Leader class movie Transformers. Not forgetting there are toys of my child who uses batteries too!

Lastly these eneloop rechargeable batteries from SANYO is ideal for digital camera or flash just for my photography.

I was told that eneloop rechargeable batteries has a low self-discharged rate. The eneloop batteries are capable of retaining 75% of the full charge even in not in used for 3 years! Cool!

If you are thinking of doing your part to live a environmental friendly lifestyle, take a small step toward rechargeable batteries.

Do you use rechargeable batteries? Do you like these eneloop rechargeable batteries?


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