CItyHunter Hottoys Preview

One of the remarkable Manga in the late 1980s is none other than CityHunter.

When I read news of Hottoys is coming out the figure, I do not have much faith if they can do comic characters. I have to say I am impress that they did a good job especially to keep the look of Ryo Saeba in the 1980s look.

Ryo is suppose to be like James bond who work as a private eye or a body guard. Ryo often show perversion to woman but deep down inside, he is a faithful guy. That was one factor that make reading the comic fun.

I was glad that they made who is Saeko Nogami, one of my favorite female I like in the manga.

Saeko Nogami is a police detective. As sexy as she is, she had never fallen for Ryo but she remain faithful to the ex-partner of Ryo who was killed in an assignment. Ryo regert not being able to save that partner of his. Although now and then Ryo will tease Saeko and Saeko will give him the hammer.

Both of the facial look fantastic as close to the original look especially Ryo.

The accessories of Ryo stay close to the Manga..

Especially this perverted look and a bra. However Hot toys didn't do the part of the third leg like in the Manga on the figure... Well it's not that presentable anyway. LOL

These two figures will be releasing on the 4th quarter of 2011. The flying crow not included. :P


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