My MG Son Gokou by Toymaker

About a year ago, I was glad to obtain the best looking 12 inch MG Son Gokou who was the first in Master Grade model kit as a non-mecha model kit. As fast as I assembled him, I procrastinate for the remaining time to give him a good paint. Things turn for the best when I met the award winning Singapore modeller, Kenny, the Toymaker.

With his help, my MG Son Gokou finally look presentable!

Although the kit comes with various decal of Son Gokou, I remain faithful to the manga. This Gokou I would like to have is the time he first fought Vegeta after his training with king kai. The front logo should be Kami-sama 龟

And the back should be King Kai logo 界王.

Toymaker is skillful to give the flesh tone to Gokou's muscles.

And even the finest details on Gokou's boots.

Toymaker, you are awesome and with determination, you can always out do yourself and one day like Gokou, you can reached the Super Saiyan level in your model kit world! :)

You can view more of Toymaker's work at his blog or keep connection on Toymaker facebook page!


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