Lovely Nobell Gundam

Nobell Gundam, a female pilot in a female Japanese School girl uniform mecha which is a Gundam. Between a Gundam and a Japanese School girl design, I couldn't help to relate her to the kawaii Japanese school girl as they are famous for. :P

Say Hello to Ms. Nobell. Isn't she cute?

The strength of this Gundam being female would be her great sense of balance

and her athletic agility.

Instead of sword or saber for Gundam, Nobell had her whip looking saber. Pretty and deadly.

Another unique feature was her long hair looking which is unique to Gundam. Yes she is a blond.

When she is in a good mood, she may sing a song or two.

Like female gender who are very in touch with their emotion, Ms. Nobell can go into berserk mode when provoked. When that happen, run as fast as you can!

When she found her love, she maybe shy to express it.

Most woman in love will not make any first move but wait for the guy to approach..

However they often drop hints like getting close to the guy.

Notice the peace sign hand, it comes together with Ms.Nobell.

If they are desperate enough, they will throw themselves to the guy. Somehow I feel Nobell will do just that. :P

The model kit comes with two hands for the male Gundam to hold Ms. Nobell for HG scale kit. I think Ms. Nobell can die happy now. :P

Overall I would say Nobell Gundam is one fun kit that Gunpla collector must have. Will there be a MG version of her? I am pretty sure it will happen some day. Till then, get the HG Nobell. She is one cool Chick!


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