KungFu Panda 2 Po Mcdonalds Happy Meal Toy

Everybody was Kungfu fighting! Well at least the kids were doing that when Kungfu Panda came out few years ago. Now Kungfu Panda 2 is showing, expect to have more of the awesomeness!

Singapore macdonalds has roll out the Kungfu Panda 2 as a Happy meal toys. Being a Kungfu Panda fan, I wouldn't miss this chance to get a Po.

So here it is. Po.

This Po toy has only the arms articulation and nothing else. With his arms raised up, Po instantly appear to be Kungfu looking.

Limited articulation? What do you expect for Happy meal toy? At least the likeness of Po is there. Here's a close up for the Kungfu staring contest!

This set comes with Mantis who is an expert in acupuncture.

Here is a secret of the Mantis you may not know. Mantis back actually have very good looking oriental design. No kidding. Take a look for yourself at the art at his back. Very mandarin looking right?

Now for those who is wondering how Panda look from the side, here's a shot that Panda didn't want you to see.

Now you maybe wondering why there is a Mantis in such a weird looking pose in this Po Happy meal toy?

Well here is the answer you are looking for. Mantis actually is going to lift the heavy Panda up single-handedly.

Unbelievable? Well it's possible if you know where is the center of gravity in Kungfu. Actually that was science as behind Panda there was this hole just to fit Mantis's hand. By the way, you can see the figure information at Panda back too.

Ever since Panda became China one of the most powerful Kungfu master, he constantly met with challengers all over the world. But his motivation and goal never change.

Panda will work for Food. LOL However what he ate did go somewhere. To his awesome muscles. See how Po lift up Ryu?

If you think Mantis was unbelievable. Look at what Panda is capable of. Lifting my Starwars Lego clock with batteries!

That is not all, Po can even lift the leader class Optimus Prime!

Isn't that AWESOME or what? Are you impress? I sure am.


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