Optimus Prime KFC Transformers Dark of the Moon

I am Optimus Prime and I come together with a meal from KFC. Yummy?

Since my last review of KFC Ironhide, I think it is proper to continue with the leader of the Autobots. Optimus Prime himself.  The size of this toy is the same as Ironhide regardless in the movie he is much taller but you can't expect scaling in fast food toys as long as you get the color tone and the basic design is there.

If you want to know about scale then let's bring in the leader class Optimus Prime for comparison. You get the idea.

Since this toy doesn't transform, surely there are some gimmick to make it fun. Well it sure does. The chest of Optimus Prime will light up when the back button is being pressed. See how it glow? It must be the matrix!

At this point I have not watched the movie so I am not sure if the chest glowing had anything to do with the movie. I was expecting this Optimus Prime should come with some weapons like guns or even his twin swords but instead he comes with the light on his chest.

I am pretty sure Optimus Prime and his fan will be upset to some extend...

Maybe to kids, this doesn't matter as long as he look like Optimus Prime is enough.

Is this Optimus Prime good enough for you?


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