Back to the Future 1 Hotwheels

I love Back to the Future and when I heard the news of Hotwheels releasing the Back to the Future 1 cars last year, I told myself this is a must get. I was lucky to get hold of it.

To date, I have 3 Delorean of hotwheels include this. All because of Back to the Future.

if you're going to build a time machine, why not do it with some style?

This is the original part 1 Delorean. The one that bought Marty to the 1955. No Mr. Fusion and no antenna or lightning rob attached.

The interior had the time circuit but no sight of flux capacitor in this toy.

As a Delorean's door has wing door opening, the window has been design with just a small opening.

Just like in the movie, the license plate is "OUTATIME"

Here's the top view of the Delorean, which you can see the Radiator unit.

Compare with a regular Delorean, the front seems to be different.

The back of the vehicle is more obvious.

You can see the amount of customisation parts to build a time machine Delorean.

The only missing feature is the opening of door which will make this toy perfect but what do you expect with the pricing on this toy? I am glad nonetheless.

Anyway I had just completed the Back to the Future game from Telltale.

The story is quite good but it could be better. I love the voice as most are the original actors in the series. They even use the original soundtrack! Gonna get back in Time. :P


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