MonoEye Style 2

Since I have the previous MonoEye style, I decided to get the series 2 as I used series 1 on my Christmas tree decoration last Christmas and I need more of them to hang more up this Christmas. 

Anyway on with the review!

First off is the Z'GOK - Char's! Very Pinky and cute! I am pretty sure this mecha is a ladies killer. LOL

Next, the same mecha with different color tone. Meet  Z'GOK, a Gothic Lolita. Kinda remind me of Mio from K-On! Must be something to do with that hat. LOL

Both Z'GOK comes with their own twin back Jet.

Next is the light blue Zaku II! Zaku has been the cuties in series 1.

In series 2, the cuteness of Zaku evolve to a Cat version of Zaku II, a Tortoiseshell cat. Meow!

More details on Zaku II cat design on the back.Isn't that cute?

Next a Emerald Green ACGUY

In this series, there's a Cat looking ACGUY too! This ACGUY is the fortune Cat! See his golden paws?

The Golden parts can be found on his hands and jet pack. Just Meow and turn RICH!!

To end, here's a group shot of these wonderful MonoEyes!

Which one is your favorite?


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