ComiFest 2 2011

I have attended another event this week and it's Comifest 2!

I was there to meet up Dennis and other friends as this event was near to our location. How can we just miss it out? I have register myself as a media photographer for the cosplayers just for the fun of it. True enough, they have prepare a badge for me.

With this pass, I can enter the pool area to take the cosplayers.Cool!

Dennis and I were welcome by this friendly receptionist cosplayer.

Visitors can write or draw something on the "Guest book" they called Graffiti Marathon.
There are many visitor who drew very well that day on the banner.

I also took the liberty to leave my mark there at a very piece of corner. :P

Beside cosplays, there are actually many booths selling different stuff. One that caught my attention was the game booths. Visitors can play some games for free to win some prizes. Below was one of the game of matching cards of two players and here are the rules.

Players are challenging with the organizer team and they enjoyed themselves.

At the event, Artist like Dream Walker and Ninjabrushes did some LIVE drawing in the event. Here's a Miku Hatsune! I like!!

A famous Singapore comic, The Celestial Zone had a booth there!

I saw someone familiar there. It was the artist Asuka111 whom I met during STGCC 2011.

He has some new books and artwork on sales! I know someone had travel a long way even to meet up with him and I understand why. Just look at his works. You can be a fan of Asuka 111 at his artwork fan page on facebook!

There were some good looking toys on display at the event too and most of them not for sale.

There was a Chunli doll who did wonderful pose!

For games, there was a card booth for players to play. One of it was the Chinese card game named Generals Order 将军令.

There was a preview of the coming Online RPG Dragon Nest. The graphic was amazing and the game seems fun but it is still on beta...

Dragon Nest organized a fanart contest for anyone to draw the Warrior Character and the winner will walk away with an iPad!. Wow!

There were many talented artists who took part and they really mean business.
I was invited to take part. I have no intention of winning but join in just for fun. I drew a sketch of the character in my own style of the warrior in 5 minutes. :P

Do you think I can win an iPad? :P


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