Uniqlo Gundam Monoeye T-shirts

Read from Dennis blog about uniqlo has launched Gundam T-shirt. I was so excited that I went on that day to take a look for myself. True enough, there were various design but I was drawn to Zeon design more.

I left the shop with two of my choices.

First I got without hesitation was the olive green monoeye design

At the back of the label listed the official rights of Bandai and the artists.

Commander Zaku's mono eye in a Shirt design.

This is one military looking shirt for all Zeon fans.

Cute Suisei Hiyoko printed on the back.

The second piece I got is in black.

The shirt imprinted with neon outline of some of the Monoeye mechas.

I didn't get any Gundam design T-shirt as I felt the design of the Monoeye design are better.

More of Gundam T-shirt can be found at Uniqlo Singapore Official website


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