30 June 2012

Playmobil Flower Girl Figures series 2

The fun for getting blind pack Playmobil Figures is to guess what you going to get even you are given a chance to feel the figure. There I was going for the female series 2 of Playmobil hoping to get the female Vampire or lara croft and when I felt a cape like feature, I thought it was the lady vampire cape... I was wrong.... it's a Flower girl....

I called her the flower girl because she carry flowers in a white basket.

and she wear a head band which was made by tiny flowers too.

You can wear on her as a crown to decorate her blond looking hair. Somehow I felt this blond girl is from Holland where they have lots of flowers in the field.

A close up on her features with the flower head band.She has long eye lashes and rosy cheeks! She even wore a heart shape necklace.

There is a option for her to wear or not to wear the red apron and it was this apron that I mistaken it as a cape!! Agh!!

As a lady, she wore a pair of white shoes. It is not a wise choice if she have to walk on muddy road to pick flowers in the garden or in the wild fields.

So what should I do with this flower girl? Well I guess she need to earn her keep by selling her flowers in the market place. Yes maybe give some discount while she at it. LOL

Will you buy flowers from this lovely flower girl from Holland?

Will you?

27 June 2012

SDCC Black Widow Gray costume variant

Black widow, one of the hottest Avengers female character thanks to the boost of the LIVE action movie The Avengers. Not too long ago, Marvel and Kotobukiya produce a Bishoujo AFX Black widow. Below is the concept art of that figure.

As illustrated of the concept art, you will notice Black widow hold a rifle in black costume and there are Dare devil and Hawk eye mask.

The coming SDCC exclusive would be a variant of that figure. Basically the same body and face just some color changes in the costume to painted in grey.

Compare to the first issue which Black Widow dressed in shiny leather and carry a rifle with Dare devil mask, the variant is wearing Gray suit, golden belt, holding a dagger and having a Hawkeye mask.

The face of Black widow remain the same as lovely and sweet looking which I don't think she should be that innocent looking. LOL

Now the question is, which one you prefer? The exclusive or the previous release?

25 June 2012

Gundam Sangokuden Gattai Ryubi Castle

This Sangokuden Gettai Ryubi Castle had been out for almost 2 years and recently I got hold of this set on a great discount offer. They come in 5 boxes like the following and the total payment I paid for it was just SGD$5.

Yes that mean a dollar for each box. How can I walk away from such deal right? Plus out of the box, the Ryubi is closed to 15cm and good looking.

A close up on the face and please note that there was no need of additional coloring. I only added some paneling and that about that.

The back of Ryubi is presentable too!

Look at the detail of the legs.

The beauty of this figure was that it can transformed to a castle.

Starting from the left leg, it is a station of Zhang fei with his army weapons and a target board at the back for training purposes.

On the right feet of Ryubi castle, it is Guan Yu station.

For Guan Yu is a cavalary station where the horses get to have a water feeding pool.

And Guan Yu had a catapult station with 2 iron looking balls.

On one of the arms was for Zhao yun for missles or cannon point

At the center of the chest, the dragon seal!

Here is a photo of the castle form and the number of characters in total for this box set.

Presonally I don't really fancy the castle form but the design of Ryubi. So I pose that in mecha version.

For the offer value, it is totally worth it. Do you prefer the castle form or the mecha form?

22 June 2012

Playmobil Asia Assassin

What can I say about this Playmobil figure? It look like a old vintage Asian movies of those sword man and Assassin.

Well if you are looking at the word like mixed up and bad taste in dressing, you are probably right.

If Assassin creed had a Asian version, he may look something like this dressing in black and red.

Called me Stereotyping but in the 1960s were Asia film like Shaw brothers were made, this is how Asian villian look like with a thin strange mustache. 

The dressing of such chinese costume and with such China decal of a golden dragon and Chinese wordings on the costume is really Hollywood.

He will be having a Chinese saber sling on his back and carry a nunchucks which made famous in that 1960s era.

Not any other Saber but a Golden one! Anyone would want this sword if it was in pure gold.

As fearsome as an Assassin would be, having red shoes or boots just put make me laugh. Why Red?

Okay. I will not then. Oh here come another friends of Assassin?

Oh it is Zorro Playmobil!

Both of these Playmobil had strange taste. LOL

20 June 2012

Happy Tree Friends Trexi

When I heard about the name "Happy Tree Friends" who would imagine what is the story behind these friendly kid looking cartoon.

But if you ever saw any one of the episode, you will be shocked as the animation is simply not suitable for kids.

Anyway if you are a Happy Tree Friends fan, you will be glad to know they crossed over with Trexi and having their own series of toy! It is called Naughty or Nice edition featuring Flaky, Flippy, Giggles, Buddhist Monkey, Nutty & Toothy! Here is the Nice side.

While the back of the figure is the Naughty side.

These are 2.5 inches in height and selling retail price SGD$12.95 each. If you want to get the set will be at SGD$77.70

If you are a PlayImaginative member and want to place a pre-order, it will be SGD$58 per set while non-member is SGD$66.

The pre-order end at 26 June and the figures will be out on 27 June 2012.

Head over to PlayImaginative for more info.

18 June 2012

PENTAX 1/3 Scale Camera

I love miniatures and when it is about camera, that just drive me crazy.

Since my last review on Pentax K-r capsule camera from TakaraTomy, I wanted more of the series hoping to have some vintage design and changes of lens. Well my prayer was answered when I saw this series!

This series is from TakaraTomy A.R.T.S and the continuation of the PENTAX capsule camera. Each only cost 200Yen but when it reached to my location, it cost around SGD$3 if you happen to see this in capsule machine.

The first I would like to review was the MX PENTAX which is running on film. The original design was made of metal with some leather embedded around the grip body. I still have some attachment to older camera especially my father's era which this Pentax camera comes about.

These camera were built to last and if proper maintenance and storage, this camera still will function well. The usage of such camera need not use batteries. Basically you load the film in, adjust your  aperture and focus on the subject to do the snapping. 

After each snap, you have to roll the film to the next position. If you have not finish taking the whole roll, you may roll the whole film forward to the end before opening the casing. Now all these may sound too much work but photography then need to have some knowledge to know what you are doing.

You only get to see the result after the film has been developed and by then you are experience enough, you will get sharp focus images. Of course at anyone time, you may change the lens and even put on certain filter to make the photo to have some special effect.

This toy also allow you to change the lens. In this case, it is a 35 mm single-lens.

In these series, there are two of MX model with one all black (which spray black) and another silver which look more vintage. You may read more of this MX PENTAX camera here

Only the last decade, camera goes to digital form. From there everyone can be a photographer as you can simply point and shoot while the DSLR does all the works for you.For Pentax of the series would be K-7. 

DSLR very much inherit the film technology. Allowance to change various camera lens for special purposes. Most of these DSLR were painted black and most of it hard plastic casing. However Pentax offer different color camera for personalization at Kr-7.

DSLR are in the mercy of batteries but give the photographer a preview of the photo which snapped almost instantly with the LCD. Because of this LCD technology, photographer do not necessary need to look through the aperture window while taking photo.

After Pentax K-7, it was the K-5 with higher megapixel. 

Other functions buttons layout remain the same as K-7 for K-5.

Somehow Pentax bring back vintage die cast silver parts of the DSLR.

The beauty of this series is that the lenses are interchangeable. 

Beside using as a keychain, you may use it to decorate as it can be slotted on the flash compartment for any DSLR. 

I fancy this series because of the interchangeable lens and the details. The scale of this series is not suitable for 5" figures but I doubt it fit 12" figure too as this is a 1/3 scale.

For size I have a 5" spidey to pose with it and he made a classic statement that is the answer to one of the most common question that most people would want to know.

Photography now is quite affordable but most of the time is what you enjoy taking photo that is the question. :)

I hope you like this capsule series as much as I did.

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