McDonald's Birdie Hello Kitty

The third installment of McDonalds Hello Kitty would be Birdie x Hello Kitty.

The whole series of McDonalds' mascots, only Birdie is the female. So with lady like color theme (which mean Pink by the way), it should be a natural to Hello Kitty.

Basically if you look at this Hello Kitty you will notice Pink, Yellow and purple.

At the back of Hello Kitty is just another plain sight. Nothing special.

The ribbon on her head is Pink!Same tone with her shirt.

In the middle of Birdie short was the yellow or golden M. Around her neck is a scarf which is purple in color. I tired if I can untie the scarf but I could not as it was sew on. So no fun removing and putting it on for some styling.

This is the only character in the series which wore double suits and none of it can be removed. Somehow the expose furry kitty hands look cute.

There is however one thing that is missing with this Birdie Hello Kitty if Hello Kitty would "cosplay" birdie. Can you spot anything missing? I give you a hint. Something on her head. No, not her ribbon.

On the HongKong McDonald Hello kitty of Birdie, that icon detail was illustrated but somehow the actual toy does not produce it.Just take a look. Can you see something missing on the toy?

That's right! It is Birdie Aviator goggle! That is missing on the actual toy.  I am pretty sure with the goggles, this Hello Kitty will be more cute but the stuggle will be how they put that on her head which is rather difficult if you asked me as kitty's head is not rounded.

So I did a digital enhancement if the goggles will in place how it would be. 

Do you think having the Aviator Goggle will be a good design?

If you are in love with this Birdie Hello Kitty, you can still get this in Singapore McDonalds and offers end while stock last or end on  6th of June as last day for this character.

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