SDCC Black Widow Gray costume variant

Black widow, one of the hottest Avengers female character thanks to the boost of the LIVE action movie The Avengers. Not too long ago, Marvel and Kotobukiya produce a Bishoujo AFX Black widow. Below is the concept art of that figure.

As illustrated of the concept art, you will notice Black widow hold a rifle in black costume and there are Dare devil and Hawk eye mask.

The coming SDCC exclusive would be a variant of that figure. Basically the same body and face just some color changes in the costume to painted in grey.

Compare to the first issue which Black Widow dressed in shiny leather and carry a rifle with Dare devil mask, the variant is wearing Gray suit, golden belt, holding a dagger and having a Hawkeye mask.

The face of Black widow remain the same as lovely and sweet looking which I don't think she should be that innocent looking. LOL

Now the question is, which one you prefer? The exclusive or the previous release?


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