Happy Tree Friends Trexi

When I heard about the name "Happy Tree Friends" who would imagine what is the story behind these friendly kid looking cartoon.

But if you ever saw any one of the episode, you will be shocked as the animation is simply not suitable for kids.

Anyway if you are a Happy Tree Friends fan, you will be glad to know they crossed over with Trexi and having their own series of toy! It is called Naughty or Nice edition featuring Flaky, Flippy, Giggles, Buddhist Monkey, Nutty & Toothy! Here is the Nice side.

While the back of the figure is the Naughty side.

These are 2.5 inches in height and selling retail price SGD$12.95 each. If you want to get the set will be at SGD$77.70

If you are a PlayImaginative member and want to place a pre-order, it will be SGD$58 per set while non-member is SGD$66.

The pre-order end at 26 June and the figures will be out on 27 June 2012.

Head over to PlayImaginative for more info.


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