Hasbro Amazing Spider-Man toys Out!

If you are a super heroes fan, you would know that the next Super hero movie will be the Amazing Spider-Man. Basically a reboot of the former 3 Spider-Man movies. The new suit of Spider-Man toys are currently in the retails in Singapore.

As a premiere release, there is a couple of 3.75" figures for the comic series for Spider-Man comic fans to collect.

Not to mention the villains too in the comic series. Note that the comic series had nothing to do with the new movie.

The new suit Spider-Man look good in this 7" figures. This is more for the display figures.

Not to mention the Villain in the movie which the figure in my opinion is rather unattractive.

There is a bigger scale Spider-Man that has shoot web action.

There are a couple more kids fun design toys that will not attract the collectors such as these Spinners launcher that comes with Spider-Man and Lizard.

As the Avenger has a chest light up pieces, so did Hasbro did it for Spider-Man which does not really make sense as Spider-Man did not have this Chest Light in Comic. Maybe some kids will love it for display in their room.

Last of all, this is the only action toy that make sense to me and fun. The Rapid-Fire Web Shooter 3000.... okay I added the 3000 to make it sound more fun.

Unlike the previous movie of Spider-Man when the web was produce organically, this installment they decide to make it comic accurate to make Peter to design and build his own web shooting devices. Finally the movie get this right but as for the plot of the movie, it basically another Super hero movie and plot.

I can't say this Peter is a better Peter than the previous in term of the actor or the character of Peter Parker.

I guess it is fair to make any comment until we catch the movie ourselves.  Meanwhile you can get some Spidey if you like. :)


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