Playmobil Asia Assassin

What can I say about this Playmobil figure? It look like a old vintage Asian movies of those sword man and Assassin.

Well if you are looking at the word like mixed up and bad taste in dressing, you are probably right.

If Assassin creed had a Asian version, he may look something like this dressing in black and red.

Called me Stereotyping but in the 1960s were Asia film like Shaw brothers were made, this is how Asian villian look like with a thin strange mustache. 

The dressing of such chinese costume and with such China decal of a golden dragon and Chinese wordings on the costume is really Hollywood.

He will be having a Chinese saber sling on his back and carry a nunchucks which made famous in that 1960s era.

Not any other Saber but a Golden one! Anyone would want this sword if it was in pure gold.

As fearsome as an Assassin would be, having red shoes or boots just put make me laugh. Why Red?

Okay. I will not then. Oh here come another friends of Assassin?

Oh it is Zorro Playmobil!

Both of these Playmobil had strange taste. LOL


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