McDonald's Ronald McDonald Hello Kitty

Today in Singapore is the final release of McDonald Hello Kitty series. The one that most Hello Kitty collectors are waiting for in the series. It's Ronald McDonald Hello Kitty!

In all honesty, if there is anything icon of McDonald, it would be this suit of Ronald McDonald. The color of Yellow, White and Red are really striking.

Like all others in the series, the back is just as plain as it should be.

Now let's talk about the suit of Ronald McDonald. Beside the whole jumper clown suit, Ronald McDonald wore a big red boots which many characters just can't carry that type of striking shoes but Hello Kitty carries that really well. So what if Hello Kitty wore a red shoes. She is a girl anyway.

The designer left Hello Kitty face and head untouched as Ronald McDonald should have red hair and clown make up but that will totally spoil Hello Kitty design. A wise move.

So with the Ronald McDonald suit, this Hello Kitty give me a feeling that she is just wearing a McDonald uniform to take order at the counter rather than being Ronald McDonald.

Finally I have collected the whole set of Hello Kitty from McDonald from this series and to end this series of the review, a Group picture!

It's a fun journey of collection as my family love these series (especially my kid). The current craze of these kitties are not like a decade before in Singapore but young and old still love this series nonetheless. Who can say no to Hello Kitty right?

Kitties power. LOL

You can read the individual review on Birdie Hello Kitty, Grimace Hello Kitty and Hamburglar Hello Kitty.

Have you completed the collection or did you get what you only wanted?

Happy Collecting!


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