Transformers Deluxe Class Evac

The exclusive of Transformers the Ride from Universal Studios toy for Evac from Hasbro is finally out!

This exclusive is only on sale at Universal Studios from Hasbro. It is in the Deluxe Class figure in Hasbro series of Transformers.

The box exclusively stated the name Universal Studios.

If you have been to the Transformers the Ride in Universal Studio in Singapore or in US, you may have ride on it and seen this transformation as he carry you to experience the ride.

At the back of the box it give some information on Evac data of how you are safe with him through the ride thanks to Optimus Prime and Bumblebee and not to mention Michael Bay that kept you alive through the ride. :P

The golden question for this exclusive toy would be the pricing and it is stated as today SGD$31.90.

Time to OPEN THE TOY!!!

Here is Evac, a rather bulky built like Bumblebee if you asked me. As a figure, the legs do look a little short...

From the side, Evac look alright as the wing back gave the look a boost.

From the back, he looked bulky and heavy. Not a Autobot that seems to run with speed and agility.

Nonetheless, the details of Evac look pretty good as the following. Firstly the face has a good looking human look from the front.

As a robot design, the mechanical parts look pretty strong and sleek.The wheels gave him a good shoulders look.

The transformation from Robot and car mode is quite easy but the first transformation from Robot to Vehicle may take some time but the when vehicle to robot is much more faster.

Now let us go to the Super car or vehicle mode which I find it amusing.Basically this is a futuristic design that is more to off the road or armour vehicle in a way.

As armor because you are shielded.

The back wheels are larger to take suspension and more gripe to the ground. There seems to be some jet pack at the back of the engine for speed. The lime green decal design gave Evac in vehicle mode more style.

The overall design of both vehicle and Robot of Evac is decent and if you visited the Ride in Universal Studios regardless you are in Singapore or in US. Grab this deluxe figure as the price is affordable and the design is decent.

Have you ride the Transformers Ride yet?


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