Knight Gundam Legend BB Model kit

I remember the first time I came to know those cute version SD Gundam was in Knight armor form. After a long while Bandai finally roll out model kit for SD Gundam Knight.

This SD Gundam Knight model kit offers armors add on and facial changing expressions.

Not only he can be in Knight form, he can transformed as a centaur which is pretty cool. .

Now the whole runners were in sliver and red but only one of the helmet which is the eyes shade was in chrome painted, Outstanding.

You were given 4 expressions on the eyes but it only allow two stickers to be pasted. Wasted.

Here is a photo of his naked form. 

And here with his helmet and armor on look so much better.

The cape can said to bring to life so this model kit allow the adjustment of the floating level of the cape...

And the expansion of his cape.

Next would be the shield and the sword of Gundam which are two separated items.

However you can slot in the sword to become of the following.

The next weapon would be the lance which is useful for Knight on mount. 

You can keep the lance on the back with another device. Look heavy

Next we move on to change it to a centaur form. For that we need to change the legs to change into hoof.

In Centaur form the back seems a bit short but no one need to mount on him as he just need to carry himself.

With Centaur form, holding a lance is ideal for charging attack!

Having sword still look good in centaur form too.

You can pack the back body as kind of a jet pack but you have to remove the cape for that.

Overall the 3 forms and weapons look great and this model kit is as good as the SDX version in my opinion.

For a BB version Gundam, this version is a must have. It is easy  to put together and you just need to do some paneling with Gundam marker pen and it will look good as this review should be. :)


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