Bandai First Godzilla

Godzilla. Who hasn't hear of this name? Apparently he is big not only in Japan but other part of world. He was so big that Hollywood made a movie about him but like most Hollywood adaptation, it totally destroy the reputation and impression about Godzillia. Even today, many would pick the old Japanese movies of Godzilla over the Hollywood version which remind everyone of Jurassic park.

Today I will take you back to the origin of Godzilla by reviewing the first Godzilla toy by Bandai! Behold the form of how the whole history of Godzilla was born.

This series of toy was introduced in 2010 which is a tribute to the history of Godzilla.

There are many forms of Godzilla and other creatures in the Godzilla movie in this series. At the back of the packaging you can see some of the information it displayed.

When I was young, I was fascinated by Godzilla. I thought he was a dinosaur that was awaken but later I realized he was a creature who was born out of mutation with radiation. Much later in life, I realized the creature is a man inside a thick rubber suit of Godzilla.

Being a monster, the first Godzilla look quite friendly. Although with sharp teeth. Somehow the eyes and the smiling mouth make Godzilla approachable which is a good thing for children. Unlike many Dinosaur or lizard, Godzilla actually has ears and it is visible on the side of it's head.

One of the signature looks for Godzilla is the bumpy scales on his back.

The leg of the first Godzilla are massive. 

As the sole of it's feet was the product engraving. Toho Co Ltd 2009 copyrights.

It seems that my first Godzilla is wanting someone to challenge for a fight. I better find a worthy opponent for him.

So here comes the 2004 Godzilla which I have in my collection as the first Godzilla figure which I got that around 7 years ag. 

The 2004 Godzilla look more monstrous for the eye and really sharp tooth.

Comparing the size, the 2004 Godzilla look more muscle toned which the First Godzilla looked more beef in mass. 

The first Godzilla seems to be taller and for the lower body size look really heavy for the legs and tail. 

Now I have never seen Godzilla battle Godzilla before. it would be an epic battle for sure.

If that battle happen? who do you think will win? The first Godzilla or the 2004 Godzilla?


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