Playmobil Queen of Egypt

My second attempt of a Female Playmobil Figure in blind pack was a woman in ancient costume of Egypt.

Who is she? A Princess or Queen of Egypt? I am not really sure. But in her front, she wore a colorful costume.

While that back was just a plain back with no design at all.

She is unique because of her tanned skin and two features of her face stood out which were her Egypt eyeliner and her Egyptian hair style that marked the era then.

Her crown has a cobra design supposed to be made of Gold. If you must know, Cobra used by the Pharaohs as a symbol of their power over life and death and putting a Cobra on the crown very much speak of the status of this woman I guessed.

Another sign of royalty or nobility would be her shoes were also in Gold. Now do not asked me how heavy her shoe will be if it was actually in Gold.

Here is a photo of the extra parts that comes with this blind pack. No wonder it was so hard to feel which toy this was.

The original figure should have comes with two golden bangles. Instead I got 3! So I put the extra on one of her hands. I hope it was not too heavy for her. LOL

Alas her last accessory was a feather fan with golden handle.

Again if it was actually Gold, it maybe pretty heavy for her to use. I guess this is more like a scepter as a sign of power to rule in certain domains and not to really fan herself in a hot day in Egypt. If she is a royalty, I am pretty sure she had some servants to cater to her needs.  

Now it is time for both of royalty of the ancient Egypt toys to meet one another. Here is my Queen of Egypt from Lego

Too bad Playmobil Queen of Egypt do not have any servants of her own currently. LOL

Nonetheless, this Playmobil version had many interesting features and rich details of how a ancient Egyptian Queen should be.

What do you think of this Playmobil Egyptian Queen?


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