Playmobil Flower Girl Figures series 2

The fun for getting blind pack Playmobil Figures is to guess what you going to get even you are given a chance to feel the figure. There I was going for the female series 2 of Playmobil hoping to get the female Vampire or lara croft and when I felt a cape like feature, I thought it was the lady vampire cape... I was wrong.... it's a Flower girl....

I called her the flower girl because she carry flowers in a white basket.

and she wear a head band which was made by tiny flowers too.

You can wear on her as a crown to decorate her blond looking hair. Somehow I felt this blond girl is from Holland where they have lots of flowers in the field.

A close up on her features with the flower head band.She has long eye lashes and rosy cheeks! She even wore a heart shape necklace.

There is a option for her to wear or not to wear the red apron and it was this apron that I mistaken it as a cape!! Agh!!

As a lady, she wore a pair of white shoes. It is not a wise choice if she have to walk on muddy road to pick flowers in the garden or in the wild fields.

So what should I do with this flower girl? Well I guess she need to earn her keep by selling her flowers in the market place. Yes maybe give some discount while she at it. LOL

Will you buy flowers from this lovely flower girl from Holland?

Will you?


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