Gundam Sangokuden Gattai Ryubi Castle

This Sangokuden Gettai Ryubi Castle had been out for almost 2 years and recently I got hold of this set on a great discount offer. They come in 5 boxes like the following and the total payment I paid for it was just SGD$5.

Yes that mean a dollar for each box. How can I walk away from such deal right? Plus out of the box, the Ryubi is closed to 15cm and good looking.

A close up on the face and please note that there was no need of additional coloring. I only added some paneling and that about that.

The back of Ryubi is presentable too!

Look at the detail of the legs.

The beauty of this figure was that it can transformed to a castle.

Starting from the left leg, it is a station of Zhang fei with his army weapons and a target board at the back for training purposes.

On the right feet of Ryubi castle, it is Guan Yu station.

For Guan Yu is a cavalary station where the horses get to have a water feeding pool.

And Guan Yu had a catapult station with 2 iron looking balls.

On one of the arms was for Zhao yun for missles or cannon point

At the center of the chest, the dragon seal!

Here is a photo of the castle form and the number of characters in total for this box set.

Presonally I don't really fancy the castle form but the design of Ryubi. So I pose that in mecha version.

For the offer value, it is totally worth it. Do you prefer the castle form or the mecha form?


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