30 July 2012

100 Years Before the Birth of Doraemon??

I spend most of my time in my childhood with Doraemon. Although I wear glasses and look little nerdy, I am not fortunate as Nobita to have a real Doreamon as a friend. Ever since I learned to read, I spend hours reading Doreamon Manga in Chinese. It is cool to have a robot cat which is always on your side whenever something went wrong in life or in school.

As a toy collector, I do have quite a number  of my Doreamon reviews on some collections of Doreamon in this blog.

As my family are a fan of Doreamon, we do have some Doraemon display in our home even when we decorate my first child baby bed with Doreamons!

Whenever Doraemon reached out to the pockets, I know that something exciting will happen. The gadgets, medicines, and tools from the future seems to be a solution for every problem. I always wanted to see how the gadgets will be in real life in the near future.

Guess what?  Here is a chance for me to have a glimpse of such possibilities in Hong Kong!
From August 14 to September 16, Harbour City will be hosting the “100 Years Before the Birth of Doraemon” Exhibition. This exhibition will be Hong Kong’s largest celebration in honour of this
beloved anime character. September 3 marks the exact day 100 years priorto Doraemon's birth.

“100 Doraemon with 100 Different Secret Gadgets” – Concept Expo: Gadgets in the Future
Inspired by Doraemon’s secret gadgets, “100 Years Before the Birth of Doraemon” is inviting creative parties from around the world to participate. Included are creatives from Hong Kong, China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Spain, Sweden and more, each on hand to specially create and design 30 original gadgets. Each design has been directly influenced by Doraemon's own futuristic world. All of their specially crafted works will be displayed at the Gallery by the Harbour at Harbour City.

“The Famous Scene”
To carry on the campaign's theme of friendship, future and dreams, three famous installations will be set up at different parts of Harbour City including “The Night Before Nobita’s wedding!”, “Goodbye, Doraemon!” and “Memories of Grandma.”

Pop up Café 
For the duration of the exhibition, the BO-LO’GNE café and bar located inside Harbour City’s LCX will be transformed into a pop-up Doraemon themed café. Besides an immersive experience, there will be dishes prepared specially for the occasion. The new menu items include a Doraemon spaghetti and hamburger set, a delicious dessert set served with a special themed drink and a BO-LO’GNE bun. Fans will also be given the opportunity to buy a limited edition “100 Years Before the Birth of Doraemon” souvenir plate.

Kid Workshop
During the exhibition period, Harbour City will be hosting workshop sessions at KidX that welcomes parents and their children to participate in creating, designing and decorating their own personalized Doraemon figures. This is great for my kid!!

These are good reason for me a Doraemon fan to visit together with my family of 3 if possible in HK!!

The last time I visited Harbour City was about 3 years ago and I do have a great time watching the night scene of Hong Kong, walking the walk of frame and having some good food there and most importantly great toys to buy! LOL

I wished I can be invited to go for this creative and hype Doreamon event in Hong Kong and a chance to meet some Doreamon fans in Hongkong and around the world. If I happen to be the selected few, I will surely give you guys more coverage on the 100 Years Before the birth of Doreamon event

Meanwhile if you plan to visit Hongkong during this period or you are reside in Hongkong, visit this cool event!!

Exhibition Details
Organizer: Harbour City and Animation International Ltd.,
Curator: AllRightsReserved Ltd.
Date: 14 August – 16 September, 2012
Time: 11:00 – 21:00 (Monday – Sunday)
Venue: Gallery by the Harbour- Shop 207, Ocean Centre, Harbour City, Tsimshatsui (next to Fendi)

Harbour City Hotline: (852) 2118 8666  Website:www.harbourcity.com.hk

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28 July 2012

Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toys

I was made a instant fan when I watched the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that took the world by storm. As the years went by, there were a few reboot in the TV series and even the movies. Below are the number of TMNT on TV as we know it.

To me the first TMNT cartoon is the best although they are not so action pack but the charm of their lines and characters made me want to watch without thinking much and have a good time.

Yes so they eat lot of Pizza and speak lots of cowabanga but hey it cartoon for kids! You expect good and deep story plot and live action with lots of violence? If you want that then maybe the comic version would be more to your likely.

Anyway they did a good job making a simple and catchy opening tell everyone of the character of each turtles and it is a song that most can sing along.

In the year 2005, some dude want to make the cartoon more realistic so they gave the turtle more steroid which made the more inline with the comic version.

So now it is 2012 and Nickelodeon is rebooting the series. I was quite worried as I did not like the previous version. How would the new Nickelodeon TMNT be?

After I caught the preview opening during the comic con, I was glad and I love the opening as it is truly a tribute to the first TMNT.

So the story is still the same. Four turtles who is a Mutant and not Aliens.

So along comes the toys which is currently on sale in US by Playmate. Same as always, they wore each unique color eye band and freice looking eye which in the cartoon only when they are fighting with their enemies.

While they are not, they just having a fun and normal looking. These are the deluxe figures that comes with some lines in the TV show.

Playmate also rebooting the classic TMNT as a toys where now they were given more articulation and for the first time ever, the cartoon looks without those fierce eyes.

The new TMNT comes with their own Turtles van that is more down to earth unlike the old cartoon Turtles van that is very flashy and hip.

Raphael in the new series also have his own battle looking bike.

Now come the gem for action figure. There is a playset for the new TMNT.  Yes a Playset which nowaday lots of toy maker trying to avoid because of cost. I think it would be costly but to a kid, this is a dream came through. A playset really make you play with the toys if you asked me.

There are more of the new TMNT to cover and if I can, I will cover more in time to come.

Now that you have seen the preview of the new TMNT, what is your thought? Do you like it?

As for the new cartoon, it will be release on 29th of September 2012. I will wait for that!

27 July 2012

LEGO® Life of George

This is a interesting game by LEGO and currently only available in iPhone/iPod Touch or select Android devices. If you are wondering if this is only a software game, then Yes but No as you need actual LEGO to play in the game.

You need to first purchase the actual game set that is around USD$30 at any LEGO stores.

With that you will need a camera smart phone and install the APP in either iPhone or Android devices. The game will be giving you instruction with timer to time how long will it take for you to complete the quiz and when you have done.

All you need to do is to take a photo using the camera and the timer will stop and points will be awarded

If you have play "Draw Something", this game also have likewise 2 Player mode which allow you to challenge another player who should also have the set of Life of George LEGO to compete with the timing of who finishes first.

It also allow you to create your own quiz for challenge one another. Sound fun?

Here is the video of the game play.

You may read more at http://george.lego.com/

25 July 2012

Transformers Prime Voyager wave 3

That are many things to shout about for Transformers Prime voyagers class wave 3 releases.

Team Decepticon comes Dreadwing. Vehicle as a plane and owned a Blaster Cannon converts to Magnetar Pulse Blaster and a Sword on his another hand.

Team Autobots comes the famous Ultra Magnus!  Carry as usual his hammer and the blue and white theme that we are all familiar. The vehicle as a fire fighters as a term of being heroes.

A true tribute to the beast war comes Thundertron!  He is nether Autobots or Deception as you can see his Star Seeker faction logo. In disguise mode, he is a lion which look really good.

Finally from Decepticon comes Skyquake, a twin brother of Dreadwing (repaint).

So all these four look pretty good to me. Which of these will you get?

23 July 2012

KRE-O Transformers Decepticon Ambush

It's another Transformers review on the beginning of the week but this is no ordinary Transformers toys but it is from the latest KRE-O Transformers series.

I was grateful to have a fellow Toy blogger Kelvin to get this set for me when he was on his Toy shopping. He told me that there were 4 minifigures in this pack and 3 out of 4 are Vehicons and 1 Cliffjumper who was one of my favorite. How could I past them off?

The retail price was SGD$19.90 with 4 mini-figures and one vehicle which can transformed into 2 modes.

One of the gimmick of this whole series is that if you collect all of the box sets, you can formed the bonus weapon...

It is the Dark Energon weapon! So powerful that you can.... I have no idea what it will do but it is the Ultmate weapon that would have turn the tide of the endless struggles between Autobots and Decepticon (I guessed)...

The set comes with a instruction booklet which is helpful to list out the total of 80 pieces that you can match before you set to assemble.

This set comes with stickers too. I am not really a fan of stickers as they often turned yellow as times goes past and getting them to stick correctly can be a hassle.

A good thing was the mini-figures come separate in packets.This is good in both manufacturing and packing and also provide a great convenient for those who want to sell this figure separately for a quick buck...

First off, Cliffjumper in the G1 look having a translucent blaster and additional translucent body. If you look at the side cover, you would see the translucent body suppose to have Autobots logo but somehow this translucent body did not come with that effect. Disappointing....

Have you ever seen CliffJumper helmet off? Here is how he look like. He has high cheekbones dude! Rather scary when you see him smiling without helmet.

Now his Vehicle which is much like a heavy duty multi-terrain bike. Should be cool to ride on it but why would a Transformers had such bike? Can't he transform and roll out? Oh! this is KRE-O and at such he cannot transform as a mini-figure. Oh well the bike do look fun and steady.

Now comes the Vehicons from Team Decepticon. All three of them are unique as one has wings (starscream like), one just a normal human looking vehicon (one arm is a shockwave blaster) and one has wheels on his legs with a bigger blaster. 

Like CliffJumper, Vehicon do have a helmet off and he too has high cheek bones.Still look evil as Decepticon if you asked me.

I love these vehicons. It is alright they look unique as it give them personality. All of their weapons are translucent purple. 

Time to have some fun and do some story telling. Hehehe

Our story begin with Cliffjumper after months of tracking finally found part of Dark Energon and he is on the way back to Autobots base.

The Dark Engergon with a Deception seal sit safely behind the vehicle...

So fast Cliffjumper is moving that he forgotten to as stealthful as he can be...

He fallen into a trap! A Decepticon Ambush!

Vehicons obtained the Dark Energon!

Hope you enjoy the fun I had. Do you think Cliffjumper really look like Michael Jackson Thriller with this outfit?

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