Transformers Animated Acree

I love the Transformers Animated series although plenty of  Transformers fan do not fancy them as much as I do. Therefore I kept looking out for those figure that I have missed out. Transformers animated Acree was one of those originally that got away simply because before that wave come about, Singapore Hasbro did not distribute that on Singapore retail due to the Transformers movie.

Thanks to Jcee from Toys N More, I finally got to own a Transformers Animated Acree as a loose figure. I didn't mind a bit as I open my toys. :)

This is Acree, one of those rare female Autobot in the series and what I really like about her was she is a sleek futuristic 4 wheels vehicles and no longer a 2 wheelers.

From the design, you can imagine she is a fast one.I love the wings which remind me of Hot shots or Rodimus prime.

This is a cybertron form of Acree in Transformers Animated not a earth design so there will not be anyone sitting in it and how many seaters if she was suppose to be a earth vehicle. My take would be 2 max.

I love the Autobot logo on the wind screen. It is clear and truly stand out.

Time to transform and the transformation is simple.The front was the legs of Acree.

You can transform her while she stand up. She can balance quite well.

Next adjust the hands and the head and it is done! 

As a robot mode, the Autobot logo can be found on her chest.  

Acree is slim as a lady should be. The windscreen has become her butt piece and the alignment of the wheels from the back make the design look neat.

The head and facial expression was cold and expressionless. I am glad they only use pink on her face and not other parts of her body. I cannot imagine if the whole body was painted sweet pink.... 

There are enough joints to make Acree flexible to pose or play.  

For weapons, they gave Acree swords.  

As obi-wan in starwars would says, it is an elegant weapon for a more civilize time.  

The toy designers threw in two sword which are translucent blue. A great choice as it look like formed by lasers.  

With both swords on Acree's hands, all she need to do put her speed and dexterity to close in to her target and do some damage on them.

My Acree is ready for action.   

Who better to be her match in the series than Blackarachnia?  

It would be a epic cat fight! Who will win? Acree or Blackarachnia?


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