Playmobil Elvis is in the Building!

I am glad to get this Playmobil from the male Playmobil figures series 2. The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis!! Ah-ha...

This is one of the popular one in the series and it is not surprising since this Playmobil capture some of the iconic feature of Elvis Presley. This would be one of the late era of Elvis look when he holding shows in Las Vegas.

Elvis would be wearing white, bulky belt, big collar and fancy sleeves. No one complaint till today as his dressing was fit for a King.

As a king, he need to complete the look to have a cape. As for scepter, it would be his microphone of course.

The best thing I love about this Playmobil is none other but the hair pieces that really signify Elvis the the stylish hair style during his era.

Even on the side and back, the hair is iconic with the big thick side burns.

As for his shoes, it is a silver shoes and not gold nor his blue suede shoes. Blue blue suede shoes...

There you have it. Mr Elvis Presley's Playmobil that make a great tribute for his fan in term as a Playmobil toy.

The additional collection of my Playmobil Elvis already creating some steering of my other Playmobils... especially the ladies. 

Flowers from a female fan to the King of Rock and Roll!


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