Transformers Prime Voyager wave 3

That are many things to shout about for Transformers Prime voyagers class wave 3 releases.

Team Decepticon comes Dreadwing. Vehicle as a plane and owned a Blaster Cannon converts to Magnetar Pulse Blaster and a Sword on his another hand.

Team Autobots comes the famous Ultra Magnus!  Carry as usual his hammer and the blue and white theme that we are all familiar. The vehicle as a fire fighters as a term of being heroes.

A true tribute to the beast war comes Thundertron!  He is nether Autobots or Deception as you can see his Star Seeker faction logo. In disguise mode, he is a lion which look really good.

Finally from Decepticon comes Skyquake, a twin brother of Dreadwing (repaint).

So all these four look pretty good to me. Which of these will you get?


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