Real Steel ATOM Bootleg

First of all I have to say that I love the movie Real Steel and sadly I totally missed out for getting a decent ATOM when the toys were selling in Singapore retail. So when I saw Real Steel toys ATOM within my reached, I decide to click and buy. I do know there will be a percentage that this could be a bootleg but I wanted to see how far it will be compare to original since the photo and packaging look decent.

Here is the actual packaging of the bootleg Real Steel. It is very much like the original.

At the back of the packaging were the other Robots from the movie and in that series.

Time to open the toy!

Out of packaging, this ATOM cannot really balance well due to the softness of the leg. The sole of the feet feel is very rubbery.  It took a long time to get him to do the stand up shot.

The back of ATOM look less detail and less coloring. The base of the plastic material is in black and they just use some silver paint to paint over it in a messy manner to create the wear and tear effect. For this case, the back totally failed!

If you wondering about articulations, there are only 5 joints in all. Shoulders. legs and some head movement.

Compare to original version which comes with lights and more articulations, this bootleg is failed. However it is within my expectation coming from my experience with bootleg version.

The face of ATOM is the only one I comment it is decent but the lack of his name on the left chest is unforgivable!!!

Overall this bootleg on appearance for first sight do capture the look of the original ATOM but nothing more when you play with it as it cannot even do some decent boxing pose.

If you have seen the movie, you will know ATOM seems to have certain will power than any robot in the show. Regardless all those beating he got from bigger robot, he still and endure and out play them. What make him stand out is that he has a true life boxer controller which he shadow him in the match and that how a true fighter win some computer game fighter. Not only physically but also mentally to out play your opponents.

If it is not for my love for the movie, I will not even get this toy.

Here is my last shot on this Bootleg ATOM.

Sigh... I think I will re-watch the movie again later. LOL


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