TakaraTomy Transformers Prime Arms Micron

From TakaraTomy comes a series of Arms Micron to compliment the voyager or deluxe class Transformers Prime figures.

This mean that these casuple or Gashapon figures can fit with the figures as weapons or armories.

I was lucky to come along a Capsule machine which loaded the first series and with one turn, I got what I wanted. Arms Micron for Optimus Prime! Unfortunately, I do not owned a Voyager Optimus Prime in the Transformers Prime Series.

For Optimus prime, this is a blaster mode with it's blue and red theme matching to the actual figure. 

The transformation is really simple.  You let Optimus Prime Arm Micron to stand on his legs...

Open up the blaster barrel and you will see Optimus head hidden in it.

There you have it. Optimus Prime form is done. You can call this a Mini-Optimus Prime if you like. There is .  

In the robot mode, the Autobot sigma is found embedded on his right arm.  

Even in a Mirco mode, the detail of the face of Optimus Prime is well done.  

There is a limited articulation and the down side is I do not have a Voyager Optimus Prime from Transformers Prime yet. So there is much I can use of it for now. Nonetheless as I play around with his articulation and transformation, I discover he can actually do the below stunt!

It's good to be at the...

Young man, can you guess what is this Arm Micron Optimus Prime is doing? XP


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