Yujin The Onee Chanbara Saki

Today is another review of a random turn on a Gashapon or capsule machine on a Yujin The OneeChanbara seires. I told myself just one turn and whoever I get it, I would be happy and I got Saki!

If you must know, Saki came from this Onee Chanbara SR series fom Yujin.

Out of the capsule packaging, Saki came in separate parts.

Her sword came in 3 pieces and I have to combine 1 part to another to form a mural real blade.

Putting Saki together isn't too difficult but do not get carried away...

After assembled, Saki really look nice with her pose.

This Saki favorite color was purple and white carrying a scarlet sword.

Personally this figure offer quite a bit of pose by moving her head and raising of her arms.

Well I guess some of you are waiting to see some low angle up skirt shot which I am trying to avoid...

Shame on you to peep under woman's skirt! If you develop that as a habit, you will get yourself into trouble.

If you want to take some pantsu or Panty shots for fan service, simply take it as it is as the figure already offer such option without peeping under the skirt.

Are you happy now? LOL

Don't fool around with Saki as she carry a sharp samurai sword and she is skill to use it. You are warned! Don't be surprise if you get yourself chop for doing something stupid you did or said...

This Saki figure mean business.. and don't ask me what happen to her short inform shirt exposing her part of her boobs with no bra but some how the tie is intact....I don't know why. Maybe you should ask her yourself?

Like the figure? You may read more about Saki from The Onee Chanbara.

Pretty cool right?


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