ARTFX+ DC Comics Superman & Green Lantern

We all know Kotobukiya has been doing various female characters statue in their ARTFX regardless it is MARVEL, DC or even STARWARS.

Coming in December 2012, there will be some male heroes statue in the series and they are as good looking as the female in a good way.

Two of DC heroes are Superman and Green Lantern.

Green Lantern is wearing chrome green suit with green glowing effect on his ring. The muscle and pose is good to be hold.

THis is Hal Jordan to be exact.

Next will be Superman with the new modify suit that did away the red short and the new design suit is more futuristic that look more like armour than the former fabric. 

Superman look awesome even on the side and the back which the cape design is refreshing.

I personally like the new suit, cape and the S logo. They still keep the one curl hair and given him a square jaw bones which how Superman should be.

Even the belt and the boots look good.

I guess many will be waiting for Batman and if they do, heck they may even do Joker or Bane....maybe even Robin. LOL

Do you like these male series of ARTFX from Kotobukiya?


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