Transformers Prime Airachnid

One of the rare female Decepticon in Transformers Prime, Airachnid.

In the Transformers Prime series, she was originally a spider form but later on earth, she took on the form of a Helicopter which is pretty cool too. When I saw her on retail, I got her without second thoughts as I love her vehicle mode as well.

Airachnid in the series was very much like a solo operation of which a bounty hunter. She later wanted to seize leadership when Megatron was not around and Starscream was the second in command. She is a cunning decepticon. 

Here is her technical data which her strength are intelligence and speed.

For her Helicopter mode, she operate as a tri-blade chopper with various way to attached her weapon on her side. 

Here's another way to arm the weapons.

and yet another. In total there are four differences way to arm her.

If you do not like the weapon on the vehicle form, it look as cool as it is even without the weapons. Somehow the design of the vehicle mode remind me of a 1980s series Air wolf.

One thing I appreciate was finally there is a Decepticon embedded on the front nose of the vehicle!

For transformation, you have first remove the top blades...
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Here is another reason for me loving this Transformers. The cockpit can be lifted up and they even throw in the details like pilot seat!

The details of the control panel! Love it!! 

On with the transformation, you need to push the nose into the cockpit...

At this point, you flip it to expose the bottom of the vehicle and you will see that it pretty look like a corpse of a robot being in cocoon stage...

All you need to do is to expand the legs, arms and the head and the Robot mode of Airachnid is alive!

The blade was transformed to tentacles such as spider's arms.

The face of Airachnid is consistence to the animated series and on her chest, it is another embedded Decepticon logo!  That's the way it should be Hasbro!

For the weapons, it can fit into the holes in the palm of Airachnid.

Load both on each arms and get ready to see some blaster fights.

This figure is not without weakness. The down side is the limited articulation in robot mode and balance.

The balance is caused by flat feet with high heels that do not make this figure easy to stand on herself with two feet.

Thankfully some time some of her tentacles do help her in some pose but those are really weird pose.

Compare her with the Transformers Animated female spider Decepticon, Backarachnia, Airachnid do look smaller in size regardless it is in deluxe class. However the color theme seems to be consistence of purple and black.

Overall I still love Airachnid as she has great details compare to many Transformers Prime deluxe figures I review so far. I love her Helicopter mode as well as her robot mode although you cannot do much articulated pose of her.

If you are a Decepticon fan, this is one figure you got to have as she is the only female decepticon so far anyway.


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