KRE-O Transformers Decepticon Ambush

It's another Transformers review on the beginning of the week but this is no ordinary Transformers toys but it is from the latest KRE-O Transformers series.

I was grateful to have a fellow Toy blogger Kelvin to get this set for me when he was on his Toy shopping. He told me that there were 4 minifigures in this pack and 3 out of 4 are Vehicons and 1 Cliffjumper who was one of my favourite. How could I past them off?

The retail price was SGD$19.90 with 4 mini-figures and one vehicle which can transformed into 2 modes. One of the gimmick of this whole series is that if you collect all of the box sets, you can formed the bonus weapon...

It is the Dark Energon weapon! So powerful that you can.... I have no idea what it will do but it is the Ultmate weapon that would have turn the tide of the endless struggles between Autobots and Decepticon (I guessed)...

The set comes with a instruction booklet which is helpful to list out the total of 80 pieces that you can match before you set to assemble.

This set comes with stickers too. I am not really a fan of stickers as they often turned yellow as times goes past and getting them to stick correctly can be a hassle.

A good thing was the mini-figures come separate in packets.This is good in both manufacturing and packing and also provide a great convenient for those who want to sell this figure separately for a quick buck...

First off, Cliffjumper in the G1 look having a translucent blaster and additional translucent body. If you look at the side cover, you would see the translucent body suppose to have Autobots logo but somehow this translucent body did not come with that effect. Disappointing....

Have you ever seen CliffJumper helmet off? Here is how he look like. He has high cheekbones dude! Rather scary when you see him smiling without helmet.

Now his Vehicle which is much like a heavy duty multi-terrain bike. Should be cool to ride on it but why would a Transformers had such bike? Can't he transform and roll out? Oh! this is KRE-O and at such he cannot transform as a mini-figure. Oh well the bike do look fun and steady.

Now comes the Vehicons from Team Decepticon. All three of them are unique as one has wings (starscream like), one just a normal human looking vehicon (one arm is a shockwave blaster) and one has wheels on his legs with a bigger blaster. 

Like CliffJumper, Vehicon do have a helmet off and he too has high cheek bones.Still look evil as Decepticon if you asked me.

I love these vehicons. It is alright they look unique as it give them personality. All of their weapons are translucent purple. 

Time to have some fun and do some story telling. Hehehe

Our story begin with Cliffjumper after months of tracking finally found part of Dark Energon and he is on the way back to Autobots base.

The Dark Engergon with a Deception seal sit safely behind the vehicle...

So fast Cliffjumper is moving that he forgotten to as stealthful as he can be...

He fallen into a trap! A Decepticon Ambush!

Vehicons obtained the Dark Energon!

Hope you enjoy the fun I had.


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