Gundam Expo 2012 & Stamping Campaign

Good news Gundam Singapore fans! Gundam Expo 2012 Singapore is officially out and the event will begin in 30 August 2012 to 9 September 2012 at NEX Level 1!

Concurrently, there is a Stamping Campaign for Gundam AGE when you play GAGE-ING Machine.

The mechanic of the Gaging promotion is like this:

1) Collect a booklet given by the promoter
2) For each play on the machine,  you will be awarded 2 stamps for win and 1 stamp for lose.
3) Once the chops filled up to a certain pages, they can exchange for prizes.

To play with this machine, you just need to buy an AG kit.

For completed full stamp for stage 1, you can redeem exclusive Gundam AGE stickers for HG and GB model kits.

If you completed stage 2 stamping, you can redeem a exclusive Gundam AGE folder

Finally the grand prize should you completed the full stamps the whole booklet, AG Gundam AGE super clear Spallow!

Make sure that when you are those machine location, the promoter is there to award the stamp. So below information is very important at those location.

So before Gundam Expo 2012 begin in 30 August 2012. Here are the things to keep you busy before that event. :)


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