SDCC 2012 Dragonball S.H.Figuarts News

There are many exciting news on Dragonball during SDCC 2012.  Let me put on the scouter to see what I have detect in the news!

I picked up 3 coming figures and they are Android #18, Kuririn and the final form of Frieza.

* Note the power level is just for fun. According to the Manga tho. LOL

As usual we know prefect Cell is coming real soon and in Japan it is a web exclusive.

For those who are waiting for the normal looking Goku and Vegeta, these are the one you got have it. Nappa included but I don't think he comes with Armor version tho.

US Dragonball fan are going to get more affordable Dragonball figures from this series as US drive the demand for fan based while in Japan, Dragonball was abandon because of MOE and Otaku. No one goes for male heroes anymore. :(

That been said, I hope Bandai will remember in rest of Asia, there are plenty more of Dragonball fans and would like to have these figure and please do not think about Japan only. Thank you.


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