Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toys

I was made a instant fan when I watched the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that took the world by storm. As the years went by, there were a few reboot in the TV series and even the movies. Below are the number of TMNT on TV as we know it.

To me the first TMNT cartoon is the best although they are not so action pack but the charm of their lines and characters made me want to watch without thinking much and have a good time.

Yes so they eat lot of Pizza and speak lots of cowabanga but hey it cartoon for kids! You expect good and deep story plot and live action with lots of violence? If you want that then maybe the comic version would be more to your likely.

Anyway they did a good job making a simple and catchy opening tell everyone of the character of each turtles and it is a song that most can sing along.

In the year 2005, some dude want to make the cartoon more realistic so they gave the turtle more steroid which made the more inline with the comic version.

So now it is 2012 and Nickelodeon is rebooting the series. I was quite worried as I did not like the previous version. How would the new Nickelodeon TMNT be?

After I caught the preview opening during the comic con, I was glad and I love the opening as it is truly a tribute to the first TMNT.

So the story is still the same. Four turtles who is a Mutant and not Aliens.

So along comes the toys which is currently on sale in US by Playmate. Same as always, they wore each unique color eye band and freice looking eye which in the cartoon only when they are fighting with their enemies.

While they are not, they just having a fun and normal looking. These are the deluxe figures that comes with some lines in the TV show.

Playmate also rebooting the classic TMNT as a toys where now they were given more articulation and for the first time ever, the cartoon looks without those fierce eyes.

The new TMNT comes with their own Turtles van that is more down to earth unlike the old cartoon Turtles van that is very flashy and hip.

Raphael in the new series also have his own battle looking bike.

Now come the gem for action figure. There is a playset for the new TMNT.  Yes a Playset which nowaday lots of toy maker trying to avoid because of cost. I think it would be costly but to a kid, this is a dream came through. A playset really make you play with the toys if you asked me.

There are more of the new TMNT to cover and if I can, I will cover more in time to come.

Now that you have seen the preview of the new TMNT, what is your thought? Do you like it?

As for the new cartoon, it will be release on 29th of September 2012. I will wait for that!


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