30 August 2011

Caramelaw Mickey Mouse & Baby Qee Custom

If you have been to STGCC 2011 recently, you may have seen some of the custom Mickey Mouse at PlayImaginative booth. One of the featured Mickey Mouse with colorful candy is done by Caramelaw, a friend and artist whom I have interviewed her a year back.

Here's her Mickey Mouse, “Eat me, I’m candy!”

More of the making and photo can be found here.

Her unique candy arts are getting popular and she was featured in the latest PlayTimes Magazine with a photo of her (Pretty lady). Cool right?

Here is her latest work, Grumpie the Clown, Baby Qee custom.

For readers of my blog, you may find someone familiar there. :)
Find out more here. :D

29 August 2011

Voyager Megatron from Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon

I always had an eye on Voyager Megatron from the Transformers Movie, Dark of the Moon series. Never in my mind would have imagine Megatron would be a land rolling vehicle or more to be exact, a Truck like Optimus Prime.

Another that hit me off the ground was this Megatron had a large piece of cover over his head. The presentation of this figure make it hard for me to resist.

So two counts of vehicle and bot mode justify this as a must get. Since the largest is voyager for this Megatron, I got to have this.

Before I made the purchase, I was playing away with his add weapon which can be played from an opening of the package.

Out of the box, Megatron look really awesome. With his "cape" on, Megatron look more mysterious.

The add on weapon can be mounted on his arm.

When the "cape" is remove, Megatron look kind of skinny and more ordinary to me.

The back of Megatron expose the vehicle windscreen and smoke pipes.

Here is a reason why Megatron wear the Mask. It is to cover up his damage and deform face since his battle with the Autobots in Revenge of the fallen.

The transformation was not too complicated. However the middle container which was the weapon do have some difficulties fitting it flat in it.

This is the best that I got it. See how uneven it is?

The cover on his shoulder and head can be use in his vehicle mode too wrapping the back of the containers.

See how it wrap around the back of the containers?

Regardless of the flaw, the vehicle mode is full of great details.

The Decepticon logo can be found on the side front of the vehicle. One may just missed that.

This is no ordinary truck as it has additional massive bummer just for ramming anything in it's path. A sign of true Decepticon. However I don't get it why the left side of the wind screen is more protruding than the right.

In short, this Megatron is for the vehicle and robot mode. Not forgetting the scarf that add character to Megatron.

Anyway I do have some doubt why Megatron had that scarf over his head...

Oh really? I didn't know Megatron is concern of his look. Guess he do have a great care of how others view him... Just like how he was pushed by a human lady remark saying he was Sentential Prime's bitch. What happen to the cunning and "Wise" Megatron? LOL

27 August 2011

Transformers KRE-O MEGATRON Truck mode

Kelvin return with his second installment review of KRE-O Megatron. Over to Kelvin.

As mentioned in the first review, I had to disassemble the Megatron bot mode before fixing up his alt mode. I must say, I'm glad the parts are compatible with Lego's Brick Separator. Really saved my fingernails!

Here is Megatron in his tractor unit alt mode! Similar to his DOTM alt mode.I didn't include the front spikes on the crash bar because I like this better, looks more 'realistic'.
KRE-O Megatron tractor unit

Although it looks larger scale than standard Lego City vehicles, the cabin fits two Lego minifigs nicely.
KRE-O Megatron tractor unit

Details of the rear. The mudflaps are cool! I added a Reprolabel Decepticon logo to the license plate.
KRE-O Megatron - rear details

My current two Transformers Kre-Os - Megatron and Mirage - on Lego roadplates.
KRE-O Megatron & Mirage

After having built Megatron (twice!) and Mirage, I have to say the build experience is very close to Lego. (I haven't built any from the Mega Bloks and other China brands, but I heard they were way behind Lego.) I've already interchanged a few Kre-O & Lego parts, no issues in fitting and removing them.

One thing bad about the Megatron set: the colour variety of the bricks is quite dull. Mainly black, dark grey and light grey.

Bonus pic: I left my setup for awhile and look who sneaked into the light tent?? (>__<) What the... Cat?!


Thank you Kelvin for the review and his cute cat! LOL

Personally I was surprise that the vehicle form of KRE-O Megatron is a Truck. Nice truck tho.

Now we will await the second installment review of Mirage in bot mode. Please encourge Kelvin if you want to see that review. :)

25 August 2011

Special Cycle-On & el Podersoso Android

The day I first read about Android is going to be a toy, I know it has great potential. Within less than 2 years, the Android toys came out in various designs, shape and sizes. If you want to talk about the real Android toy, it got to be Andrew Bell's Android as he is the one who design the toys and later Google endorse it. 

Since Andrew Bell was in town at STGCC 2011, I got to have some Android goodness-ess. With my limited toy budget, I requested Brendan to get two out of four of the latest Andrew Bell Android mini summer collection series

I chose Cycle-On and el Podersoso Android

The package display the toy nicely and the back of the box showing the illustration of the Android.

Now if you are wondering what is it make it so Special in my title, is Andrew Bell's Autograph on the boxes. Cool!

Now at this point many of the collector will say, "Hey! In this case, let's keep the toy Mint in Seal Box". Why? So that it can sell higher price later. Well that can happen to other type of collectors but not for me. I OPEN THE TOY!!!!

PS: That doesn't mean I throw away the box. I still keep these two because of Andrew's Signature.

Okay on with the review

First off, Cycle-On!

This Robocop / Shadow moon / Cyclone look Android design strike me as a heavy dude. Android being metal seems natural but the green LEDs as a mouth area is the cherry on the cake.

Andrew Bell even signed on the back of Cycle-On head. At the back view, it does look like a R2 Droids. LOL

Next is El Podersoso.

I found the similarity of this Android with Spainish. Reason being:
1. Spanish Name
2. Mask and cap are black like Zorro
3. The bare topless body give me an impression of Wrestler like Nacho Libre (that's Spanish too right?)

Come to think of it, this Android had the size of Jack Black. LOL

At the back of this Android you can see the Mask lance and the good quality of the cap. It even has the A for Android on the cap. Cool!

Well there's something more impressive behind the cap. Flip it up and you can see Andrew Bell's autograph and his drawing of Android! Thank you Andrew Bell!

All I have to say that these two Android is one of the kind...

There is also another special thing I want to mention here. It's my friend Brendan who bought for me these toys and queuing for hours (he did not complaint) to get in line to get Andrew Autograph on the box, toys and a very special piece of artwork for me. The best part comes when I asked him how much do I owe him for the effort of these two toys, he just charge me for the base price of these toys selling at the convention. I was touched and I insist of buying the dinner for him for his honestly and the service for me.

It is great to have these two special Androids in my toy collection. I will treasure them. :)

24 August 2011

STGCC 2011 Souvenirs

As promised, here are the list of Souvenirs collected by Brendan Yip for me when he visited STGCC 2011 while I was recovering from a cold.

Artist's Autographs
Here are some of the Autographs that Brendan painlessly waited in queue to get the respective artists to sign for his and my posters.

From the artist of DC, Adrian Syaf

and there are the Marvel artists signed on two different posters!

Here's a signed card from C.B. Cebulski, Marvel Comics’ international talent scout.

But my most prized is Andrew Bell who did a personal drawing just for me! I just love the style. I wished I was there to meet him in person but I don't want to pass the cold to him.

There were also some freebies collected by Brendan. Free comic books! The Spidey comic is nice!

Then the most famous freebies of the event. The Green Lantern. I am sure many had this from the event.

It comes with a card listed as a DC HeroClix series

Back of the card, the games rules...

The base is rotational for keeping scores.

You know it is funny feeling like when someone went to some places and get Souvenir for you. Although you got something from there but because you are not there in person, somehow the experience isn't complete. Especially there are some artists you want to meet in person talking and taking photo together.

Nonetheless, I am thankful for my friend effort to help me out. I have one more things to share from STGCC 2011. Stay tune for the next post to see what it is. :)

23 August 2011

Guest Review on STGCC 2011

While STGCC 2011 event was running over the last weekend, I was down with a cold. I was entertaining the thought of braving myself to still go for the event with running nose and watery eyes. Alas after much evaluation and also medication, I decided to stay home and rest.

I read most of the updates at others blogs and just when I thought I will missed out Andrew Bell's works who is one artist I want to meet and get his autograph, Brendan Yip contacted me and went an extra mile for me to get what I thought I will missed out. Since he was there for both days, I invited him to blog about his review on STGCC 2011.

I will hand the following post to Brendan Yip.


Day 1 of STGCC 2011
I started the day earlier than usual to make my way down to the event venue to join the expecting long queue. Upon my arrival at Suntec Convention Centre, there were more than 400 people queuing up. An order form to purchase the hot toys exclusives was given to the 1st 500 people but I gave away my form to the person (I shall not mention his name) behind me as I will not be purchasing any of the hot toys exclusive.

As the queue was separated to entrance queue and hot toys queue, I eventually become the 1st 50 people in the entrance queue (including both VIP and Non-VIP ticket-holders). As it was time to enter the event hall, I collected my entitled marvel siege poster (entitled to first 500 people in the queue). The first thing that capture my attention immediately upon stepping into the event area is the Hot toys booth. It is the same as the booth at San Diego Comic Convention 2011. I was delighted to see the booth in person.

There was Nintendo booth right beside Hot Toys booth to promote the 3DS console. I then walk-around and visit Play Imaginative, Marvel and DC booths, toys and the artistes’ booths. There were mini 4wd car competitions going on, Bushiroad card-playing sessions and console games (Street Fighter 4 and Marvel vs Capcom 3) playing sessions.

I was glad that booths like Marvel and DC had their own autograph sessions separating from the walk of fame section. This will definitely ease the queue for the autograph sessions at both Walk of Fame and the booths. There were different time slots for the artistes at the Walk of Fame and the booth.

The 1st artiste I met is Harvey Tolibao; the guy who did the Captain America merlion cover. I feel a sense of accomplishment as I managed to get a copy of the Captain America comic together with Harvey’s signature on it.

Harvey Tolibao signing on a Captain America Merlion cover variant comic at Marvel booth. It is my 1st time meeting him

With my hands full with posters and stuffs, a lady offered me a Kinokuniya bag (which I found out later that were 2 free comics are included in every kinokuniya bag) to put my stuffs in and carry around. As I am done with my first agenda, I took a walk around the event area to have a look at the displays and take some photos. I spotted some cosplayers at the event such as Iron Man and storm troopers.

The 1st day was a good day for me though I was exhausted.

Day 2 of STGCC 2011
For the second day, I woke up at the same time as previous day early and made my way to the venue for second and the last time of attending STGCC 2011. There was nobody queuing when I arrived. The only possible reason I can think of was there were no more hot toys exclusives sold on the second day. The main agendas for the second day was helping LEon (Open the toy) since he was not feeling well to attend the event. I collected the marvel siege poster once again as I enter the event area. As I have covered most of the event booths, activity and my purchase on the first day, I went straight for the autograph sessions to get as much autographs as I can on the free posters. As Leon requested to have some androids and a Andrew Bell fan, I manage to queue up for Andrew Bell’s autograph session at Walk of Fame.

Andrew Bell's autograph session at Walk of Fame; signing the white androids

I appreciate the opportunity to meet the mastermind of Google androids. I stay up at the event area awhile longer to see the cosplay segment before leaving off to meet Leon.

My turn to meet-and-greet as well as getting sketch & autographs from Andrew Bell.this sketch is what Leon will be getting

After thoughts of STGCC 2011
I did not attend last year's STGCC (the only year which i did not attend). But in terms of comparison, I would vote for 2008's and this year's (a tie). STGCC 2008 was alright as it was a good start of a toy, game and comic convention for Singapore.

The Hot Toys booth was wonderful. The arrangement of the booths of activities was good and there queue was well organized even when the Hot Toys purchase counter beside the Tamiya circuit area. The traffic of going in the event area is smooth too as the cosplayers were gathering out of the event area and at level 3.

Although i didn't get to have a meet-and-greet session with Kishida Mel, i took the chance to take photo of him having autograph session at STGCC 2011

It may be tough for fans (especially in a single day) who wants autographs of all of the invited artistes as the schedule of the booth's autograph session and Walk of Fame clashes with each other.

There was another thing that I don't get it regarding ZANEEDS appearance. I understand they had a booth to promote their latest product but having a performance and the stage just don't really mix or relevant to STGCC especially when they are playing their own vocaloid music. It may link to game part of the convention but I still feel their segment is kind of "AFA-ish" or some suitable for vocaloid related event.

As much as STGCC 2011 was packed with events, I did not feel the impact and the excitement of the queue (though it's a long queue due to hot toys exclusives) except for Kishida's and Kipi's Walk of Fame session. Anyway it was delight to attend this year's STGCC and I am glad to make a right decision in purchasing the ticket at one of it's roadshow. I will certainly looking forward to next year's STGCC.


Thank you Brendan the event review and going the extra mile to get autograph of the guests and the androids for me. I will share those stuff in my next few post. So look out for it. :D

Read or feedback how others feel about this year STGCC 2011

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